Any employee working in connection with clients with psychiatric disorders



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Understanding psychiatric disorders for non-specialists

How to help adults with psychiatric disorders :

  • The different models and visions of mental illness throughout history (place of the environment, culture, etc.)
  • What is a hallucination, a delusion? How to position oneself as a professional?
  • The “stress/vulnerability” model
  • The role of “psychological monitoring” and medication: the couple of psychotherapy and biological treatment
  • The role of the environment (social, family, emotional…) in the person’s illness

Pedagogical objectives

– Have a clear, rational and objective knowledge and vision of mental illness

– Understand and develop the capacity of empathy in order to be able to support people with psychiatric disorders

– How to observe the clinical signs that will be reported to the caregivers and supervisors

– Know how to identify errors in positioning as a professional

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