The Methodology “La Tête et le Ventre”

La Tête et le Ventre

Discover my technique to lose weight without regaining it : La Tête et le Ventre

Who can benefit from La Tête et le Ventre ?

La Tête et le Ventre (The Head and The Belly) is a method created for people who were of normal body size after their full growth and gained weight over the years by becoming hyperphagous***. Ideally, you have never or hardly been on a diet. You have hyperphagic behaviours***, but you do not have any other Eating Disorders such as bulimia or anorexia. Many people are in this situation. If you used to be of normal build and have gained weight over time, La Tête et le Ventre is for you.

***Prandial hyperphagia is characterized by the fact of eating beyond one’s physiological needs by no longer listening to one’s natural regulation signals such as hunger, satiety, taste, pleasure…


How does La Tête et le Ventre work ?

La Tête et le Ventre is a progressive method structured in modules that add up and potentiate each other.


Information and therapeutic education

Most people are unfamiliar with the basics of how to prevent weight gain with age.


  • Did you know that rice cooked in water is more energetic than steamed rice?
  • Did you know that a fruit juice is more energetic than the same fruit eaten whole?
  • Did you know that pasta cooked al dente is less energetic than pasta cooked for a longer period of time?
  • Did you know that white bread is even more energetic than pure sugar?
  • Did you know that a pastry eaten alone in the middle of the day has higher calories than a pastry eaten after a meal when you still have room for dessert?


You will learn essential notions about food so that you can eat with pleasure, without gaining weight and without being afraid of it.


The integrative psychotherapy

You eat too much because you’re stressed. You don’t pay enough attention to what you eat because you don’t pay enough attention to yourself. You are stressed because you are not assertive enough. You can’t say no and you can’t ask the right people for the things that are important to you. So to compensate and to forget, you eat and gain weight. You use eating sensations to escape certain difficulties. I will teach you to face your difficulties rather than turning away from them by eating. We will work on this together.

La Tête et le Ventre is a real psychotherapy. It is much more than just a diet.

The Food Journal

The food diary will allow you to identify the times and places where you eat, nibble, overeat… Psychologists call this hyperphagia.

What is behind this behavior?
Difficult emotions, painful thoughts, bad habits, poor stress management, you like to eat too much and find it hard to stop?
This diary will allow you to map your eating behavior and identify periods and risk areas to work on.


The natural regulation of weight and appetite

Discover or rediscover your physiological signals :

• The pleasure of eating, taste, hunger, satiation, satiation…
• How does it work?
• Why is it important to respect these natural signals? How to listen to them and respect them?

• Did you know that simply listening and respecting your physiological signals can lead to weight loss in the long run?

Intuitive Eating

Rediscover food-related sensations such as the pleasure of eating, taste, textures, flavors… Learn to eat by focusing your attention on food. Learn to taste instead of filling up. Filling behaviors are due to bad habits, bad learning that you have been repeating for years. It makes you gain weight. Focusing on eating sensations will connect you to your body and your real physiological needs. No deprivation with La Tête et le Ventre, but the search for pleasure with the right food in the right quantity requested by the body .

alimentation saine

Healthy food with little or no processing by industry

Learn how to select a food with little or no processing. Our ancestors were thin because they ate simple food that were not processed by the food industry. Rediscover the reflex of healthy and natural food. The more you eat fresh and natural products, the more you will appreciate them.

A good recipe that is easy to apply: if it is advertised in the media then don’t eat it!


Physical Exercise

Exercise so you don’t lose too much muscle when you lose weight. Speaking of our ancestors, they moved a lot more than we do today. This is one of the reasons why many people gain weight. How many steps do you make in a day? *

* According to the WHO, we should make 10,000 steps a day.


Intermittent fasting

If and only if you do not have an eating disorder such as bulimia, if your appetite is normally regulated (you naturally feel your hunger, satiation, and you already respect these mechanisms), You can then start with intermittent fasting or sequential fasting one or two days a week. Ideally, do intermittent fasting every day (16 hours per day) and stay tuned to your body. Be aware that more and more studies show that micro-fasting when associated with properly regulated eating behaviour (i.e. listening to your eating sensations) prevent certain diseases and reduce some of the effects of aging. The Nobel Prize in Medicine 2016 was awarded to a Japanese researcher for his work on autophagy, a biological phenomenon that occurs when you fast intermittently. Some snake oil products are sold at a high price in order to make you lose weight and slow down your aging process. Sequential fasting is the only effective technique known to date to achieve this.

Try intermittent fasting with La Tête et le Ventre !