Any employee working in connection with

aggressive or violent persons


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Managing aggressiveness to prevent violence

Managing aggression : Psychological dimension

– Stress under control and stress with loss of control, increased aggression, possibility of violence

– Difference between aggression and violence

– Subjects “in reality” and subjects “out of reality” (neurological, psychotic disorders)

– Conflict dynamics. Aggressive reaction feeds the aggressiveness of the others: so what to do?

– Does the professional refer sufficiently to the institutional framework? Is this formalized in writing?

Managing aggressiveness : Legal dimension

– Legal qualification of violence. Nuances between what is tolerable and what is less tolerable. Remedies, within and outside the institution

– The notion of criminal offence and different basic legal concepts

– The rights and duties of everyone

Pedagogical Objectives

– Reacting appropriately to agressiveness. Maintain the bond with the user despite aggression. Know how to protect oneself from violence

– Learn never to fuel the aggression of the user and/or those close to the user

– Protect oneself, other users, the person being assaulted and the institution. To identify the errors to be avoided and to know the relays within and outside the institution


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