Disorders I treat

Psychological Trauma

Treating psychological trauma Psychological trauma is, according DSM 5 classification a “trauma and stressor-related disorder” instead of an anxiety disorder like in DSM 4 classification. It is also common to say Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Psychotraumatic Disorder or simply psychological or psychic trauma. When does one get PTSD? To be affected by psychological trauma […]

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Social phobia or sickly shyness

Shyness can become sickly when it becomes too intrusive. This is called social phobia because it prevents the person from realizing his or her full potential. What is the difference between these two notions? The shyness qualified as social phobia by psychologists will have several characteristics. Symptoms often include flushing, sweating, tachycardia, chest discomfort or

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Harassment and manipulation

Definitions of harassment What are harassment and manipulation? The etymology of the word harassment is from the French “harceler” which means to exhaust the enemy by repeated raids. Harassment at work (or workplace bullying) was defined by the French psychiatrist Marie France Hirigoyen as “any abusive conduct (gesture, word, behavior, attitude, etc.) that undermines the

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What is stress? This concept is quite recent in the world of ideas. Hans Selye is one of its promoters. He is the one who made it known around 1930 in the world of research and around 1960 in the general public. The story of an idea This concept originally came from engineering sciences. Before

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How to help overweight people, To help overweight people, we need to understand more about them. What’s overweight? According to the WHO, overweight is characterized by the accumulation of body fat that can be detrimental to health. An index, the BMI measures a person’s weight per square meter. The more our corpulence increases, the denser

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How to fight depression Alarming figures Depression is a very common illness and depression can be treated. However, the WHO estimates that nearly one in five people have suffered or will suffer from depression in their lifetime. According to the Lancet (Lancet, Vol. 380, No. 9859, 2010, pp. 2163-2196), in 2010 approximately 298 million people

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Anxiety Disorders and Phobias

Anxiety Disorders and Phobias: the different patterns Anxiety Disorders and Phobias Anxiety disorders and phobias are characterized by, among other things, an exaggerated state of fear. An anxious person has fears about what he or she excessively worries. It’s as if his or her alarm system for spotting trouble or risks is overly sensitive by

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