Therapies and services

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)? Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, also known as CBT, is brief, scientifically validated psychotherapy. It aims at changing the maladaptive behaviors, ideas, and emotions that handicap you in your daily life. For example, having an exaggerated fear of flying, which prevents you from taking beautiful trips, having too much fear of […]

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Psychological tests

The first psychological tests Psychological tests or questionnaires are very numerous in the field of psychology. They make it possible to identify the presence of one or more psychological characteristics in an individual. The first tests were created after 1900 at the request of the authorities in order to evaluate the intelligence of children. The

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Integrative psychotherapy

Psychotherapies Psychotherapies are techniques of influence that aim at modifying the other person in a desired direction. Throughout history, different peoples have always had at their disposal care procedures that aimed to transform human beings. Some authors have attempted to identify contemporary and Western psychotherapies. There could be 400 or 500 of them… These techniques

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Stress Management Program

Stress Management Program is an expression that seems clichéd and overused, so widespread. Yet, Stress Management Programs are very important to prevent individual to collapse and to burn out. Stress in a nutshell Stress is a consequence of external and/or internal elements that exert psychological and biological pressure on the individual. Like cholesterol, it can

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Meditation or mindfulness-based therapy

Meditation or mindfulness-based therapy is a natural process that Westerners have just discovered. Used since time immemorial in Asia, this method has become very fashionable in recent years. We are not only faced with a fashionable phenomenon, because many neuroscientific works, supported by medical imagery, objectively demonstrate that the brain is transformed and remodelled by

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What is EMDR? EMDR is a psychotherapy created by Francine Shapiro in 1987. It is the acronym of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing which can be translated by eye movements of desensitization and reprocessing (of information, of memory…). Its particularity is based on a strict and singular protocol. This protocol is made of precise questions

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Hypnosis Therapy

Hypnosis Therapy is an ancestral and natural technique with multiple indications. The different types of hypnosis are often confused. Many of us have seen movie scenes showing hypnosis or street hypnosis, which is quite different from what is practiced in the therapist’s office. On a scientific level, hypnosis is still quite mysterious. It is objectified

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Assertiveness, why bother? Assertiveness is a very useful concept in order to understand some of the difficulties we can fall into.Assertiveness is part of a larger whole called self-esteem. There are 4 main relational areas of assertiveness. 1 – Basic social relationships: Assertiveness is for examples, knowing how to ask the time from someone on

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Relaxation Therapy There are many methods of relaxation therapy. The common principle is that they decentralize the person from the “mind”, from his or her negative, parasitic ideas that create physical and psychological tensions. The person will be proposed to focus on things like different parts of the body, music, a mental image, a photo, an

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Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy

Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy is a type of Exposure Therapy, which can be a very effective treatment for anxiety disorders. It consists of immersing the patient in a computer-generated virtual environment. Five things you need to know about exposure therapy In recent years, the most widespread and effective treatments for anxiety disorders have been based

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